Children telescopes

Are you looking for a telescope for a child but don’t know which ones are suitable? On this page you will find a selection of optical quality telescopes and stargazers (certainly not toys) that children will get excited. These telescopes easy to setup and use so they can quickly start their search for constellations, the moon and other objects. There are also models available with an erect image diagnonal, this accessory sets the image upright so that a telescope is suitable for both moon and planets as well as terrestrial objects.

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Celestron TravelScope 70

The TravelScope 70 is a refractor telescope which is compact enough to take with you on a trip and to look at earthly objects and the sky. With the TravelScope you can view the moon and planets at night and the erect image diagonal is ideal for use during the day as a spotting scope for terrestrial observations. Even if you are heading out for the first time, you can assemble the telescope with accessories in just a few minutes. The adjustable tripod legs allow you to adjust the height of the telescope or place it on raised surfaces, such as a picnic table. The total telescope kit weighs just 1.5 pounds – perfect for impromptu observations or to take wherever life’s adventures take you.
The TravelScope comes with a backpack to store the telescope and accessories.
Accessories included: two eyepieces (20 mm and 10 mm), 45┬░ erect image diagonal and 5×24 finderscope.

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Celestron Cometron FirstScope

A compact, lightweight telescope that is perfect for beginners who want to experience the magic of a planet. This Dobsonian-style table-top telescope has a spherical mirror with an opening of 76 mm. The Cometron FirstScope provides clear, sharp images of celestial objects and shows the craters of the moon in pin-sharp detail. With a weight of only 1.9 kg, the Cometron FirstScope is a table-top telescope which you can take on all of your outdoor adventures. It’s also stylish enough to display on a bookshelf or desk as a decorative item. Accessories: 20 and 10 mm eyepiece, 5×24 finderscope and Starry Night Basic software.

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Celestron PowerSeeker

Explore our solar system with the Celestron PowerSeeker series, one of Celestron’s entry-level models. Quick and easy installation without any tools. The Powerseeker series offers crisp, clear images of the moon and planets for a low price. Comes with two eyepieces of 20mm and 4mm, erect image diagonal, finderscope, barlow lens and Starry Night Basic software with 36000 objects. The stable equatorial mount (EQ) models are ideal for tracking the planets at higher magnification, and the retractable azimuthal mounts (AZ) are perfect for both terrestrial and astronomical observations.

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Celestron StarSense Explorer 70AZ

Celestron has reinvented the handheld telescope with StarSense Explorer. The first telescope that uses your smartphone to analyze the night sky and calculate its position in real time. StarSense Explorer is ideal for beginners thanks to the user-friendly interface of the smartphone app and detailed tutorials. It’s like having your own personal guide to the night sky. The Celestron StarSense is available in 8 different models.

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