The Celestron LCM series is a fun starter series for the novice astronomer. The telescope knows roughly where it is based on the date, time and coordinates. If you choose SkyAlign, all you have to do is align the telescope to three bright stars. It doesn’t matter what they are called or where they are as long as they are only three bright stars. Then you can start your journey through the night sky. For example, if you choose Solar System, you can choose from the moon and planets, but only those that are visible at that time. You can also choose Stars and deep sky objects. The Sky tour is also a nice option, with a number of the best objects of that evening selected for you.

The Celestron LCM series is an ideal series for the beginning undemanding astronomer.

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Several features of the Celestron LCM:

  • Computer controlled alt / az mount with 4,000+ objects.
  • Quick set up and break down, no tools required.
  • SkyAlign technology, aligning on 3 random bright stars.
  • Starpointer viewfinder.
  • Battery compartment internally mounted.
  • Flash upgradeable handcontroller.
  • The Sky X astronomy software program.

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