Information about microscopes

Buy a microscope? You do that at Ganymedes

Microscopes make the smallest world big. Things that we cannot perceive with our naked eye and that normally remain hidden from us, we can suddenly see very clearly. Whether it concerns the minute scratches in a gold ring, the veins of a leaf, the skin of an insect or, even smaller, the shapes and colors of cells and bacteria – thanks to the microscope we have gained insight into all this matter.

The microscope opens up a reality that is normally too small to see. For example, optical instruments have drastically changed our perspective on the world in several ways.

A varied range of microscopes: from new to second-hand

Ganymedes sells two different types of microscopes: stereo microscopes and biological microscopes. The last category can be subdivided into the monocular and the binocular.

Stereo microscopes are particularly suitable for examining jewelry, rocks, mosses and insects, for example. The magnification is lower than with the biological microscopes. The range is between 10x and 60x. This is enough to be able to examine the above subjects carefully. By the way, you look through this microscope with two eyes.

A monocular biological microscope is suitable for short research, the binocular for longer and more extensive research. Furthermore, the difference is that you look through the monocular with one eye and through the binocular with two eyes. The magnification has a range of 20x to no less than 1000x. This makes these microscopes extremely suitable for examining even the smallest preparations.

The main brands we sell are Euromex and Celestron. We also sell second-hand microscopes from Olympus, Zeiss and Leitz (Leica).

Celestron has also released a number of digital microscopes. One of the models is even equipped with an LCD screen that works on batteries. It is therefore also excellent for use in the field! What’s great is that with this model you can take a picture of the subject you are researching. This way you can also study the photo closely later.

Try out a microscope first? Come to our showroom!

We understand it very well if you want to see and try the microscope of your choice before making a purchase. After all, a good microscope costs a lot of money.

You can try out your new microscope in our showroom. We are open six days a week. From Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and a half hour less on Saturday, we close at 4:30. We are ready to provide you with advice and to explain the different models from our range. Hopefully we will provide you with sufficient information in this way to make a well-considered choice.

If you have any questions about our microscopes or our service, you can always call us. Our number is 020-6412083.