Stereo microscopes

Stereo microscopes are low magnification microscopes. The image is displayed three-dimensional in stereo. With a stereomicroscope also non-transparent objects can be viewed, e.g. insects, plant parts, small mechanical or electronic components, minerals, gemstones, etc.

Lighting by means of striking and / or by falling light. Magnifications from 5 x to approx. 50 x are common, up to approx. 270 x is possible. The field of view and depth of field are much larger than with bio-medical microscopes. The objective pairs are mounted on an interchangeable slide or in pairs in a revolving revolver. The zoom types have continuously adjustable magnifications from 6.5 x to 45 x. Another magnification is obtained by changing lenses or eyepieces.

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Additional objectives are also available for the zoom stereo microscopes. The choice of a stereomicroscope and the magnifications is determined, among other things, by the size and structure of the object. A lens with lower magnification gives a larger field of view; a longer working distance gives a greater depth of field.

A 10 x magnification already results in a 100 x area magnification! Thus e.g. for insects and minerals a magnification of 10 x and 30 x is preferable to 20 x and 40 x!