For the Celestron CPC Series, Celestron has gone back to the drawing board, with a new design as a result. A well thought-out telescope series has been created by applying modern techniques.

This has resulted in a user-friendly telescope, with high optical quality through the use of StarBright XLT Coating and the SkyAlign technology. And with an even easier alignment procedure than ever before. Thanks to the internal GPS module, the telescope itself determines the date, time and the exact location on earth.

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Once aligned, the fun can begin. Because there are more than 40,000 objects in the hand controller, you can fully enjoy what this beautiful instrument has to offer you.

If you don’t remember, you can use a pre-programmed tour, the telescope will then independently show you various interesting objects that are currently in the sky.

Celestron CPC is now also equipped with EdgeHD optics. The Celestron CPC Deluxe version. The biggest difference is in the tube, it is still the Schmidt-Cassegrain system, but with optics where the images remain sharp up to the edges.

This makes them extremely suitable for astrophotgraphy, but in combination with a wedge. The Edge HD systems are also equipped with a mirror lock. So that you can fix the mirror, so that it cannot move during shooting with longer exposure times.

The Celestron Starsense module is a very nice extension to this set. Due to the built-in GPS module in the Celestron CPC, a push of a button is enough to start the alignment.

Features of the Celestron CPC GPS series:

  • Redesigned motor base and motor mechanism, motors are quiet in use, with button to quickly move the telescope in all directions, various connections on the base unit to connect PC or autoguider, easy to mount on the tripod.
  • SkyAlign alignment technique, simply choose 3 bright objects in the sky and the telescope will do the rest.
  • Hand controller can be hung in a convenient place, making it easy to read while using the telescope.
  • More than 40,000 objects in the database.
  • Flash upgradeable hand controller software.
  • Simple control buttons to control the telescope manually.
  • Permanent Periodic Error Correction (PEC).
  • NexRemote software.
  • Stable and sturdy stainless steel tripod.

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