ZWO ASIAIR Plus WiFi control 256GB


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Astrophotography has never been easier! ZWO has released the 3rd edition of the ASIAIR, the ASIAIR Plus. This new edition has a better WiFi range, is smaller than its predecessor but also faster, in short: an improvement on all fronts!

Make use of advanced astrophotography techniques such as platesolving, guiding, live stacking and many other great functions: all this incorporated in a small device for an affordable price.

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ZWO ASIAIR Plus WiFi makes astrophotography fun and easier

With the ZWO ASIAIR Plus WiFi module you can easily start with astrophotography. Whether it’s moon and planet or deep sky photos, the ASIAIR Plus makes it an easier task. This device also helps you with auto-guiding and pole alignment. The ASIAIR plus is the third generation and the most advanced version with 32 GB eMMC memory.

The ASIAIR PLUS is an intelligent WiFi controller for all astrophotography applications. It replaces a laptop or even an expensive stand-alone autoguider. The various cables that run here and there near the telescope are also a thing of the past, so there is less chance of cables getting caught. You only need your smartphone or tablet, which you connect to the ASIAIR Plus via the ZWO app.

The application possibilities are great

  • Control of all ZWO ASI USB 3.0 cameras (cooled cameras require an extra power supply, this can be done via ASIAIR Plus)
  • Autoguiding in combination with a ZWO MINI camera, such as the ZWO ASI120MM Mini or the ZWO ASI290MM Mini
  • Controlling different mounts, for example iOptron or Celestron
  • Connecting a DSLR camera.
  • Autofocus with the ZWO EAF motorized focuser
  • Debayer function for ZWO color cameras
  • Live-Stacking
  • Pole alignment
  • Moon and planet photography
  • And more…

Faster than its predecessor

ZWO ASIAIR Plus WiFi control and computer

What’s new with the ASIAIR Plus?

  • USB type C port
  • WiFi antenna for longer range
  • 32GB eMMC memory. (space available 20GB)
  • Thinner and lighter in weight
  • DC 12V output indicator lights

ZWO ASIAIR Plus WiFi control and computer

All in all, significant improvements that ZWO has implemented with the ASIAIR Plus. The housing is made of aluminum and manufactured with a CNC machine. The ASIAIR Plus is 24% thinner and 13% lighter than its predecessor, the ASIAIR Pro.

Delivery of the ZWO ASIAIR Plus WiFi control includes:



Note: a separate power supply for the ASIAIR Plus is not included. The ASAIR is supplied with 12v power by means of a 2.1mm plug, you can order this for example.

Note: SkyWatcher mounts may require an EQDir cable. The connection with the USB-RS232 cable does not always work!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the ASAIR Plus?

ASIAIR is an integrated solution developed by ZWO for astrophotography, the world’s first large-scale commercial product. ASIAIR Plus is a new improved third edition wireless intelligent controller.

2. What can ASIAIR Plus do?

ASIAIR Plus connects the necessary equipment for astrophotography through the device. You install the ASIAIR app on a mobile phone or tablet for wireless control and complete various photographic creation processes, such as:

  • image plate solving
  • scope focus
  • polar align
  • auto guiding
  • auto-run (unmanned imaging)
  • plan (multi-target/mosaic imaging)
  • live stacking
  • video (planterary imaging)
  • etc.

3. What devices can ASIAIR control?

All necessary equipment for performing astrophotography is supported.

  • Supports all ASI USB 3.0 and Mini series professional astronomical cameras
  • A selection of nearly 100 Canon and Nikon SLR and mirrorless cameras
  • Support for the ZWO EAF (all variants) and the ZWO EFW (all variants)
  • Support more than 400 common equatorial or partial alt-azimuth mounts on the market

The ASIAIR Pro does not support the ASI 120 MM/MC USB 2.0!
Text from the ZWO site: supported cameras are ASI USB3.0 cameras, ASI cooled cameras, ASI mini cameras and DSLR cameras (It can not support ASI120MM/MC camera).

4. Where can I download the ASIAIR app? How to update the app in the future?

You can search for the keyword ASIAIR in all major app stores to download, install and update. After connecting to the ASIAIR WiFi, you can upgrade the firmware with a new app version.

5. What are the ASIAIR Plus power requirements?

The recommended power supply is 11V-15V @ 2A-5A. If it is below 9V or above 15V, ASIAIR Plus cannot be switched on for safety reasons. Please note that a separate power supply is not included.

6. Are there any restrictions on external storage? What is the Type-C USB port?

Support TF card, support external USB storage, such as USB drive, SSD, etc. As a storage capacity, it is recommended to have 512 GB and a maximum of 1 TB. Currently, it supports three file system formats: NTFS, FAT32, and exFAT. The Type-C port is only used to connect ASIAIR Plus to a computer and export files from internal storage and TF card. Data cable with Type-C ports on both ends is not supported.

Benefit from the top quality of this control

The high quality of this control from ZWO will not disappoint you. Order your ZWO ASIAIR Plus easily online at Ganymedes and get started with this fine device. You are also very welcome in our showroom in Amstelveen, where you can view and possibly test our collection. Also discover products from other brands in our range, such as PrimaLuceLab and Pegasus Astro. Do you have questions? We are happy to help you via 020-6412083.

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