NexStar Evolution

The Celestron NexStar Evolution telescope is the evolution of the Celestron NexStar SE series. The 1-arm design has remained, but that’s about it. The arm has become longer, so that it is possible to mount a larger opening telescope on it.

Furthermore, a Lithium battery is built into the Celestron NexStar Evolution and the series is equipped with WiFi technology. Control of the Celestron NexStar Evolution is done by means of the NexStar + hand controller or via the WiFi function with a tablet or smartphone.

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To work with the tablet or smartphone, you only need to use the Celestron SkyPortal app. With the Lithium battery you can work with the telescope for about 10 hours in a row, depending on whether you want to view a lot of objects.

The NexStar Evolution series consists of the following Schmidt CAssegrain optical tubes, 6 inch, 8 inch and 9.25 inch. Recently, the Edge HD 8 inch tube is also available on the NexStar Evolution. The Celestron StarSense module is a very nice addition to this series.

Celestron StarSense

In combination with WiFi, you can let the Starsense align the telescope via the SkyPortal app. You don’t have to do anything anymore. The telescope is also equipped with a slip coupling on both axes, this is a useful function if you want to quickly view something without the telescope being switched on.

For astrophotography you can use the optional wedge made for the NexStar Evolution. The 6 inch and 8 inch telescope are on the same tripod, the 9.25 inch is on a firmer tripod because the telescope itself is also heavier.

The NexStar Evolution series is also an ideal travel companion, because you can transport the whole in three parts. Tripod, mount and optical tube. The NexStar Evolution series is a versatile telescope that has many challenges and expansion options for the novice astronomer. Whether you want to observe visually or want to start with moon and planet photography, this is all possible with the NexStar Evolution series.

Some features of the Celestron NexStar Evolution series:

  • Built-in battery and WiFi technology
  • Available in 4 different optical tubes
  • Handles to carry the set
  • Slip couplings, with this you can quickly find an object yourself without the telescope being turned on.
  • Computer controlled goto mount alt/az
  • Easy to set up without tools
  • Compact to transport
  • Suitable for visual and astrophotography

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