Astrophotography service

Technical developments are not standing still and “the technical revolution” now seems to have become completely loose on our fantastic hobby, astrophotography.

It took a while, because computers, smartphones and other gadgets have been around for many years. But now the technical revolution is also beginning to enter this hobby.
A good example of this are the CMOS cameras from ZWO. Much more affordable than the “classic” CCD cameras and give excellent results. But also many other gadgets.

Ganymedes understands like no other the complexity that comes with the implementation of this hobby and has therefore not been idle in recent years …
Ganymedes has been supporting customers from A to Z in the implementation of this complex hobby since 2018. From purchase to a final photo!

This makes Ganymedes unique in Europe and perhaps worldwide … This will prevent a lot of possible frustration.
The feeling after making a nice recording (say your first stack) after you’ve been researching, purchasing and optimizing a lot is of course great!

Ganymedes is increasingly trying to focus on service in order to provide its customers with a total package. Ganymedes also acts as an architect for your configuration and always monitors the correct architecture.

To be able to offer this service, Ganymedes has expanded her team with experienced astrophotographers who have extensive experience in ICT as well as a passion for this hobby.

We are currently pouring this service even further into jugs and pitchers, but generally we provide free tips and full support when it comes to larger purchases. Short questions and tips are of course always free of charge! But with larger purchases, we will accompany you to your first photo of our beautiful universe!
We have knowledge of virtually all the software that is involved in the processing of your collected recordings.

We have now completed many projects, in which we supported our customers from A to Z, with extremely satisfied customers as the end result! Our reviews (at Kiyoh for example) are proof of that if you still have doubts :-). You can view it here: 

Soon we will put a new page live on our website with a summary of the astrophotography projects we have carried out, and will keep them up to date.

In short: do you want to start digitally capturing the wonders that our universe has to offer, are you stuck in your hobby because you just don’t know it anymore, are you looking for a reliable supplier / partner in this hobby, or do you want just receive a no-obligation advice? Then take especially contact Ganymedes! Be surprised by our service!