Celestron CGX

Celestron’s engineering team has poured their years of experience developing German Equatorial mounts into the new Celestron CGX mount.

By revisiting current designs and anticipating current demands from visual and astrophotographic amateurs, Celestron has succeeded in designing a new level of “state-of-the-art” mount, the CGX.

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The Celestron CGX mount is compact, solid, innovative and has a short compact build.

The Celestron CGX mount is built sturdier and more rigid than its predecessors with several new features and new control software ideally suited for remote automation and control.

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All-new design.
Firmer and stiffer with faster damping time.
Carrying weight 25 kilos photographic.
Improved motors provide more torque, a cleaner viewfinder and track under heavy loads.

Worm wheel:

Heavy duty belt drive system minimizes slack while providing smooth operation of the motors under heavy loads.
Spring Loaded Brass Worm Gear and Stainless Steel Worm Gear reduce friction and provide an optimal relationship between both gears.

Internal cabling for worry-free remote control. Power and accessory ports remain stationary while the mount moves.
Internal hard stops for both axes prevent the internal cables from breaking and the optical tube running against the tripod.

Internal optical sensors on both axes for easy and safe remote operation.
Home Sensors ensure that the mount always starts up in an indexed position. Also after and power reset.
Limit Sensors automatically stop on search or follow before it reaches the mechanical stop.

PlaneWave software

Brand new control software developed in collaboration with PlaneWave Instruments for professional level control and imaging. Also for remote control.

The new software includes the ability to make the mount with multi-point alignment for extreme precision in reaching and tracking the object. There are also several extensive options in the software for astro photography.

The tripod can be expanded wider for more stable mounting.
The mount can be adjusted from 3 degrees to 65 degrees.
Dovetail holder is double made for both Vixen and Losmandy style dovetails.

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