Celestron CGX-L

Celestron’s latest mount the CGX has now been released with one higher load capacity, the CGX-L. To achieve this, the gears in the mount have been made larger and the Celestron CGX-L now comes with a thicker tripod.

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By further developing the design of the CGX mount and anticipating the needs of the amateur. As well as for today’s astro photographer, Celestron has managed to set a new standard in portable mounts.

With the CGX-L, Celestron lays the foundation for backyard observatories. Remote operation and in particular with an exceptionally high load capacity and yet still compact and transportable.

The compact design of the Celestron CGX-L and the innovative functions that fully meet the requirements of the amateur. The possibility has been created for the use of telescopes with a larger opening and the latest wireless accessories.

Celestron CGX-L Computer controlled goto mount.

  • Completely new design.
  • The weight of the mount has been lowered.
  • Carrying weight 34 kilos photographically.
  • Improved engines provide more torque as well as cleaner searching and tracking under heavy loads.
  • With the belt drive, the play is minimal. While it provides smooth operation of the motors under heavy load.
  • One spring-loaded brass worm and stainless steel worm gear reduce friction and provide an optimal relationship between both gears.

Internal Affairs.

  • Internal cabling for worry-free remote control. Power and accessory ports remain stationary while the mount moves.
  • Internal optical hard stop on both axes prevents the internal cables from breaking and the telescope from hitting the tripod.
  • Internal optical sensors on both axes for easy and safe remote operation.
  • Home Sensors ensure that the mount always starts up in an indexed position. Even after a power reset.
  • Limit Sensors automatically stop on search or follow before it reaches the mechanical stop.

PlaneWave Software.

  • Brand new control software developed in collaboration with PlaneWave for professional level control and photography. Also for remote operation.
  • The new software includes the possibility to align the mount at more points. To achieve extreme precision for tracking the objects.
  • There are also several extensive options in the software for astro photography. Which increases the ease of use.
  • The tripod can be expanded wider, resulting in a more stable mounting.
  • The mount can be adjusted from 3 degrees to 65 degrees.
  • Dovetail holder is double for both Vixen and Losmandy sized dovetail.
  • Completely new NexStar + hand control with USB port.
  • Two AUX accessory ports are standard on this mount. The StarSense auto Align and SkyPortal WiFi module fit this without any problems. (available separately)
  • USB 2.0 port, direct connection for, among other things, the Planewave software.
  • Autoguider port.
  • PEC prepared.
  • 12 volt power supply connection with screw thread. So that the cable cannot come loose.
  • Internal Real Time clock, so the date, time and place are stored in the memory.
  • Placing a pool finder is an option.

Improved tripod.

  • 2 “steel tripod with height index marking. So that you can always set up at the same height.
  • “Jack of all Trays “can hold three 1.25” and two 2 “eyepieces, your smartphone or other accessories.
  • + 20º additional tracking along the axes on either side.
  • Tripod legs can be folded with accessory plate still attached for faster installation and transport.

Ergonomic design

  • By means of the two handles that makes carrying and transporting easier
  • Completely new ergonomically designed knobs to lock the telescope.
  • Innovative and improved polar star out of line system.
  • Adjusting to the polar star is a simple job by means of large knobs.

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