Geoptik Cleaner Kit voor optiek


Geoptik Cleaner Kit voor optiek

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Geoptik Cleaner Kit voor optiek

Optical cleaner solution for astronomy, defogger and sanitizer.
Ideal for removing stains and fingerprints, water droplets dry, traces of oil from lenses and mirrors.
Does not contain ammonia, acetone or other aggressive components that can damage the surface of the lenses or mirrors.
Non-toxic, not flammable, antistatic, contains no alcohol, do not leave stains and residue on surfaces.

Levering van deĀ Geoptik Cleaner Kit voor optiek omvat:
  • 1 flesje of Astro cleaner spray 30 Ml.
  • 1 Microfiber doek 20 x 30 mm

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