Celestron 5 inch anti-dew heating ring for SCT


Celestron has launched a heating ring against dew. The original ring comes off the telescope and this ring with heating element takes its place. This means that the heating element is seamlessly incorporated into your Celestron SCT telescope, so you can simply leave everything in place after mounting.

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Heating ring for a Celestron 5 inch Schmidt-Cassegrain

The Celestron 5 inch anti-dew heating ring for SCT is the ideal dew prevention solution for your Celestron telescope. This must-have accessory will enhance your observation or astrophotography nights all year round. The Dew Heater Ring is permanently mounted on your 5 inch Celestron Schmidt-Cassegrain optical tube and replaces the retaining ring. So that you will never run out. The installation process is quick and easy (follow the manual for instructions).

Celestron 5 inch heating ring against dew for SCT telescope
Example of the ring
Celestron 5 inch anti-dew heating ring for SCT
Included accessories

How it works

The heating ring replaces the plastic retaining ring on your Schmidt corrector lens for efficient heating across the lens. The ring is made of lightweight, durable aluminum. The rigid frame supports the telescope’s cable circuit and Schmidt corrector lens. Unlike other heating bands or strips, which heat the lens cell inefficiently to heat the glass, the Celestron Dew Heater Ring heats the corrector glass directly. This allows the most efficient heat transfer to be provided to prevent dew formation.


Simply plug the ring into an external 12V DC power source for consistent, continuous heat that prevents dew from forming. Even under severe (dew) conditions. The dew heater ring has 2 connectors to connect the power and thermistor. The connectors can be placed in the edge of the telescope when you are finished with the session and you want to place the dust cover on it.

Celestron 5 inch anti-dew heating ring for SCT
Mounting the ring on the corrector plate

Also, the Dew Heater Ring comes with a cable management clip that connects to the front cell of the telescope. Guide the power and thermistor connections to prevent them from dangling and reduce unwanted pulling on the cable connection to the rings.

Celestron 5 inch anti-dew heating ring for SCT
Mounting the controller to the telescope

Celestron Heating Controller

As you can see in the photo above Celestron has also released a heating controller. To achieve the highest level of dew prevention while maximizing energy efficiency. Celestron strongly recommends pairing the heating ring with a smart heating controller (sold separately). The controller uses the ring’s built-in thermistor and the internal ambient sensor to deliver just the right amount of heat to the corrector. In this way you prevent dew based on the ambient temperature, humidity and temperature of the Schmidt corrector. This reduces power consumption, significantly extending battery life. The ring also includes an extension cable to connect the ring directly to one of the heater output ports on the controllers, or to the heater output port on an external controller.

Note: The integrated ring thermistor is only compatible with Celestron smart heating controllers.

Also available from Ganymedes: Celestron’s smart dew controllers

We also have the new Celestron heating controllers available in our extensive range. We currently have 2 variants available. The cheaper variant (equipped with 2 outputs) mainly provides intelligent control of the dew ribbons and/or rings. The more expensive version (with 4 outputs) also provides a USB hub, power supply and other smart functions for controlling your entire configuration. Important points such as cable management are also (sometimes drastically) improved.

The scope of supply of the Celestron 5 inch Dew Heating Ring for SCT includes:

  • Dew heater ring 5 inch
  • Cable management clip
  • Power jack extension cable
  • Paper installation shield

Place your order online or visit the store

Have you found what you are looking for and do you want to order the Celestron heating ring, for example? Then you can do this very easily online. Would you rather see these products in person before buying them? That is also possible with us. You are most welcome in our showroom in Amstelveen from Monday to Friday between 10:00 and 17:00. The showroom is also open on Saturdays, but from 10 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. For more information and advice you can also contact us by phone on 020-6412083. We are happy to help you.

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