Omegon control box for dew heating systems


Omegon control box for dew heating systems

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Omegon control box for dew heating systems

Manufacturer’s product description:

An unobscured view all night – control for two dew shields or heating stripsThe new control unit from Omegon for operating two heated dew shields or heating strips.The advantages in a nutshell

  • only as much power as you require – pulse duration modulation technology regulates the power
  • waterproof control unit for two dew shields or heating strips
  • two metre long cable with cigarette lighter connector. Fits all Powertanks.

Two connections for clear viewingThis dew heating system lets you control up to two dew shields or heating strips at the same time – an advantage if you want to keep not just your Schmidt corrector plate but also your eyepiece free from dew. But, of course, what you connect is entirely up to you.

Tip: Look under ‘Telescope Accessories’ in ‘Miscellaneous Accessories’ for ‘Dew Shields’ – for dew shields and heating strips with a ‘cinch’ type connector.

Control knob for power regulation

Our product development department has equipped this control system with additional technology which makes it possible to regulate the output in a stepless and efficient way so that even long nights are no longer a problem. The rotary knob allows the power to be set to the level required. Red LEDs indicate whether the channels are supplied with power. The brighter the LED is, the higher the power output.

Waterproof box for every astronomical use

The small control box is waterproof, so dew on the grass or moisture in the air will not affect it. It also has additional electronic protection. The control unit comes with a 2 metre long cable with a cigarette lighter socket connector.

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