TeleVue EverBright 2 inch Diagonaal


TeleVue EverBright 2 inch Diagonaal

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TeleVue EverBright 2 inch Diagonaal

Nieuwe TeleVue 2 inch diagonaal, spiegel Satin finish. Betreft een nieuw product door inruil verkregen.

Whiter and brighter images. Simply put, that is the benefit the Everbrite mirror coating. This exotic, dielectric, nonmetallic coating is 99% reflective across the full visual spectrum, resulting in the “whitest,” most natural image available. The coating is painstakingly applied to Pyrex with a surface accuracy of a 1/10 wave flatness.

To ensure performance, every mirror is optically inspected under conditions far more critical than a diagonal mirror is ever used in typical telescopes. In this way, Tele Vue can guaranty that the Everbrite will permit your telescope to operate at its fullest potential.

Levering van de TeleVue EverBright 2 inch Diagonaal omvat:

  • 2 inch EverBright diagonaal
  • Telescoop maat is 2 inch
  • Oculair maat is 2 inch

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