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ALccd QHY,

AstroLumina is de firma die achter ALccd zit, en ALccd heeft de distributie van QHY camera’s in diverse landen in Europa waaronder Nederland.
In het verleden hebben we een aantal producten van ALccd gevoerd en nu zijn we weer ingestapt met de welbekende PoleMaster camera. Die maakt het uitlijnen op de poolster een makkie.

Astrolumina is narrower contractors of QHYCCD and Starsense Scientific and exclusive representation in Germany. Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Hungary and Poland since of 2006. We also are the only representation in Namibia.

The AL CCD QHY Camera product line consists of a number of modern digital cameras, which offers different characteristic properties. Simply select the right camera for your preferred field of:

if long exposed astrophotography with cooled image sensor
with faster frame rate for the moon, sun and planets Photography
with a huge screen size for wide-angle shots
or with a suitable adapter for microscopy or special technical applications
In the AL ccd QHY cameras years of experience in astrophotography and professional design and technology have been incorporated.
The company astrolumina has significantly contributed to the development of the cameras and the software and driver development. Matching Support is provided to you.

You get with your camera a powerful and for many years to come ready forming CMOS or CCD system. The acquisition costs are compared to other constructions are significantly lower or AL ccd QHY cameras technologically at the same price advantage (compare the technical features or ask us for the detailed differences).

AL ccdQHY cameras are your reliable and powerful companion in the observatory, in the field, mobile in the desert of Africa and in the laboratory and in the production process.